Structural Support Repairs for Your Home

Structural Engineers and architects have the task of calculating load. Load is the weight that comes from the house above. There can be distributed load or point load. Distributed load for example can be over an entire foundation wall or over a large beam. An example of a point load is two stories of house above sitting on top of a beam and the beam sitting on top of a loli column. All of that weight from two stories above is transferred to the loli column. The loli column is sitting on top of a concrete pier footing that is sitting on top of the earth.

Without proper load calculations you can end up with sagging floors and cracked walls.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Contractor Near Marlboro, NJ

loli columns as structural support

This is a great example of loli columns spaced properly to create the correct span for that sized beam. Loli columns are one of the accepted methods for structural support point loads.

This is an improperly built concrete block column. Proper mortar joints and proper placement of the block are necessary to create the proper bearing capacity. This photo shows neither.

house repair screw jack

This is what is referred to as a screw jack. It can be turned to expand or contract in length to make it higher or lower. It is typically used to brace failing or sagging beams. It is not code compliant and will not pass any structural inspection. It is what we refer to as a band aid or patch job.

concrete block column pier

This is a properly built concrete block column pier which has the same purpose as a loli column.

support floor beam repair

This is an example of a properly sized beam. It is a triple 2x10 girder and the span is 10’0” from concrete block pilaster to concrete block pier.

floor beam support repair

This is an example of a beam bearing on a pilaster.

concrete foundation repair

This is an example of a pier footing that is formed and has steel rebar in it. The concrete gets poured in the form to create a surface for the loli column or concrete block pier to bare on. Concrete is best used for compressive strength (it does not compress) and steel rebar is best used for tensile strength ( the resistance of a material to breaking under tension ). The combination of steel and concrete being used together changed the way buildings are designed and paved the way for the skyscraper and the long span bridge.

sagging floor repair monmouth county

This is an example of an improperly sized beam. Beams are calculated based on their span (how long they are between the point loads they are sitting on) and their size (2x6, 2x8 etc). When beams are improperly sized, they can result in sagging floors and cracked walls. From this photo, you can see how the beam is sagging on both sides of the column. To correct this issue, Thunder Road Masonry will install more loli columns, concrete piers or a bigger beam.

contractor concrete foundation

This is an example of footing forms for an addition to an existing house.

concrete footings contractor

This is an example of completed concrete footings for an entire new house after the concrete is poured.