About Thunder Road Masonry Contractors

Thunder Road Masonry in Marlboro, NJ brings a management team with over 200 combined years of masonry experience to the Monmouth County area. Our team brings large commercial experience to the residential sector which allows us to perform the largest to the smallest jobs. From a 10,000 square foot foundation to a 6x10 slab for your new shed, we will do it right, we'll do it fast and we'll do it at a fair price!

  • Fully equipped with modern construction equipment
  • We have the highest safety standards
  • Fully insured (auto, general liability and workers compensation)

Our highly experienced professional staff provide warm, friendly and trustworthy relationships with our customers, ensuring a smooth project from start to completion. Including obtaining the required permits and bonds.

  • Obtaining any type of permit including construction, zoning, road opening (Township, County or DOT)
  • Obtaining required bonding
  • Schedule and manage any necessary inspections
  • Will guide our clients through variances

Thunder Road Masonry's sales and installation team is dedicated to make your project an effortless transaction that will result in a quality end product.

  • On-Staff Designers can design any intricate architectural masonry application and will provide full plan sets.
  • Organized project planning team to complete your project on-time and to the highest quality.
  • Knowledgeable staff to help guide you to the best solutions for your residential or commercial project
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